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Frequently Asked Questions

Modular buildings

Q1. Are modular buildings permanent?

A. Yes, our modular buildings conform to October 2010 Building Regulations and are permanent structures.

Q2. What size do they come in?

A. Any size that is required, even up to 5 storeys high complete with lifts and staircases.

Q3. Can modular buildings be moved from one location to another?

A. Yes, the structure of the building can be relocated with a new internal fit out being required.

Q4. What finish are they externally?

A. We are a bespoke modular designer and supplier and as such the external finish is entirely up to the client.

Q5. Can I have a pitched roof?

A. Any roof design can be incorporated into a modular building.

Q6. Are there limitations to the use of a modular building?

A. No a modular building can be used in the same way as a conventional build

Q7. How much does a modular building cost? 

A. The cost is dependant upon the size, finish and internal fit out. We will work to your budget and make suitable cost adjustments where possible.